Ordnance Survey - OS Opendata

Welcome to Digimap OpenStream

Free for UK Academic use (.ac.uk)

The Digimap OpenStream service provides access to a Web Map Service (WMS) offering Ordnance Survey OpenData products, including:

  • GB Overview
  • Miniscale
  • 1:250000 Colour Raster
  • VectorMap District Raster
  • OS Streetview

EDINA aims to provide the latest version of OS OpenData via the OpenStream service. This means that datasets may be updated part way through an academic year.

The Digimap OpenStream API can be used to do things like:

  • Mashups, combining OS Opendata with maps and data from other sources.
  • adding OS Opendata to Google Earth.
  • Embed maps in your website.
  • provide OS mapping in your own applications.
  • provide OS mapping in a Desktop GIS project.

All without the overheads of downloading and managing large quantities of data.

Show Me How! (Help and API documentation)

Contact EDINA for more information on OpenStream.

OpenLayers map showing OS OpenData Products. Embed this in your web page


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